The aim of our creations, is the art of space, the essence of architecture.

H.P. Berlage ( 1908 )

The idea is about “how to make the flow of space smooth”. From one to another, space is flowing, continuing, and having a good view. In every creation, 'living room' is the 'main space' of the house, so the space was made to have the best view. Playing with interior and exterior space, through stretching and extending interior to exterior space, give a “wide” impression to the small house.

…a place is a space that has distinct character. ..."spirit of place", has been recognized as the concrete reality man has to face and come to terms with in his daily life. …the functional approach therefore left out the place concrete 'here' having particular identity.

Christian Norberg-Schulz (1980)

This concept is about significant aspect of our lives that are accommodated in conveying these meanings, the physical form of this space may act. The exploration of the architect is search for more understanding of what may be a spirit driven and active principle in space experiencing. In this exploration, this concepts focus on the revelation of meaning in space, on feeling and emotion, and the activity and products of live spirit. a space begin to be captured, enclosed, molded, and organized by the element of form, architecture comes into being.

Francis, D.K. Ching ( 1979 )

Beginning with aspect of mass, this concept later examined aspect of spatial division, of opening (solid and void), of interior and exterior correspondence, and connection between forms. The design composed with a subtle and provocative play of mass and volume, and where solid surfaces can virtually dissolve into luminous space. In the building there is a contrapuntal rhythm of solid and void that has nothingness.
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